Fully Charged's Flugtag Finshes Second

Fully Charged's Flugtag Finshes Second
Callum Farmer
Callum Farmer

21 May 2018

It was a story of epic proportions which began on Fully Charged with Graham & Nathan...

Red Bull Flugtag challenges people all across the world to design, build and pilot homemade flying machines from a 6 metre high runway to the aim to fly the furthest!

It all began a month ago when the boys decided that they were to enter this year's competition in Dun Laoghaire, the first time it's been in Dublin since 2011!

Every week they asked the listeners of Fully Charged to make the big decisions that would impact the outcome of the Flugtag, whether what the design of the Flugtag should be, the name of the team or who should pilot it!

Graham & Nathan inspecting their Luas Flugtag

Many painstaking hours were spent building the Flugtag and on Sunday 20th May Fully Charged's aircraft took flight*!

*We say "flight", we really meant CRASH!

Despite the Flugtag having no wings to take flight, the boys and their crew (Producer Callum, Spin Hits' Peter Collins and Spin Xtra's Jaz Keane), Team Luasers finished SECOND out of 42 teams!

The final scores

Over 65,000 hit people hit Dun Laoghaire and it's safe to say The Luasers got the biggest cheer during their performance, time to go one better and take the top spot next time? Only time will tell...

The LuasersTeam Fully Charged... AKA The Luasers!