Watch: 5 Videos Explain What The EU Can Do For You

Watch: 5 Videos Explain What The EU Can Do For You

8 Jun 2018

Research shows that many young people are unaware of what the European Union adds to their daily lives.

To address this, the European Commission has launched a new campaign called #EUandME.

It aims to make the EU more accessible for Millennials, helping them discover how the EU make their daily lives better.


The European Union works to guarantee that our water is safe to drink, they work hard to ensure the air we breathe is fresh & they protects the environment around us by law.

The EU is a world-leader in the fight against climate change.


As someone living in one of the EU Member States, your rights are laid out in the European Charter of Fundamental Rights.

Here, it is made clear that everyone is born free and equal in the respect and rights they deserve.

People of different age, gender, race, sexual orientation, religion and opinion can all live side-by-side in peace and harmony.

Employment Opportunities

The ability to work in a different EU country is one of your basic rights.

Whether starting a new career abroad or doing an internship or volunteering opportunity, EU law means that you're always covered to work.


There’s always a chance you could fall sick or have an accident away from home.

Having a European health insurance card means that you can use public healthcare services to get any emergency treatment quickly and easily should disaster strike.

Meaning you're free to enjoy everything each country has to offer, safe in the knowledge that you'll be covered should anything happen while away from home. 


New regulations ending roaming charges means that whether you're abroad on holiday or travelling for work, use your phone wherever in the EU with no extra cost. 

You are also able to access thousands of free Wi-Fi hotspots across Europe and take your video, music, gaming and sports subscription services with wherever you go. 

Living in the European Union provides endless opportunities to do what you love

Find out how the EU gives every person the power to do what they love here