Thousands Sign Petition Calling For Affordable Student Accomodation

Thousands Sign Petition Calling For Affordable Student Accomodation
Andrew Lowth
Andrew Lowth

28 Mar 2018

Over 11,000 people have signed a petition calling on the government to provide more affordable student accommodation.

It was set up after a privately-owned complex near Dublin City University increased its rent prices by up to 27% for the next academic year.

Shanowen Square plans to charge €8,695 for a student to live there from September this year, until May of 2019 as first reported by the college's student newspaper The College View.

It has sparked the a huge reaction, which resulted in the DCU Student's Union issuing an open letter to accommodation complexes Shanowen Square, Shanowen Hall and Gateway Student Village.

The letter sparked a reaction from one of the companies named, Gateway, which claimed it was an example of misinformation.

They claimed they had received 'angry calls' from students and parents, thinking they were raising their prices by 27%

The complex in Ballymun was listed in the letter after the price of a standard room went up €1,000 from €6,980 to €7,980 - an increase of 14%.

Both parties met on the issue last night, with what appeared to be an amicable conclusion.

The controversy has led to comments from the political sphere, with Labour's education spokesman Senator Aodhan O Riordain accusing the companies of 'exploiting' the current housing crisis 'to charge extortionate accommodation fees'.

He added: "We’ve heard many good news stories in the last week about making DCU more accessible, with it becoming the world’s first autism friendly campus, the notion that students who come from outside of Dublin to study there will essentially be priced out takes away from the good work on the university's part to open up the campus."

"I fully support the views of DCU Students’ Union, who are resisting their fellow students as being seen as cash cows."