These Are The 15 Happiest Countries In The World

These Are The 15 Happiest Countries In The World
Laura Bracken
Laura Bracken

20 Mar 2017

Today marks International Day of Happiness! 

The World Happiness Report was released today, and the latest ranking of the happiest countries in the world has been revealed. Lucky for us Irish we feature in the top 15! 

That's excellent news for us, considering the report ranks 155 countries by their happiness levels. 

We've come up with a reason as to why the top 15 are as smiley as they are. Take a look! 

15. Ireland 

Lets be honest, if us Irish were any more laid back we'd be horizontal. People flock to Ireland to sample our 'craic' and scenery and of course the Guinness. Judging by the large number of tourists that were in our country for Paddy's weekend, it's no wonder that we're one of the merriest!

 14. United States 

We can imagine that the United States are one of the happiest countries due to the food. Oh the food. From doughnuts and milkshakes to burgers and fries - the food is unreal. Even if it does make us feel guilty when we eat too much of it. 


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13. Austria

It would be hard not to be happy when there is snow everywhere. It's no wonder the Alps are such a popular holiday destination. 


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12. Costa Rica

This place may not have got the top spot for happiness, but it certainly does get the award for most chilled. Many know it as the country that has beaches and has a protected jungle which makes up a quarter of the country. As well as this it's one of the most visited international destinations. It's so peaceful, it hasn't had an army since the year 1949. 

11. Israel 

According to reports, Israel has the 14th longest life expectancy in any country on Earth. They also have a really healthy diet. In addition to this, for 8 months of the year, their skies are blue and have very hot temperatures. 

10. Sweden 

Sweden made headlines over the past couple of years due to their introduction of the 'six hour working day.' Something we can only dream of being brought in here in Ireland. It's all about that work life balance. 

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9. Australia

Despite the wild snakes and giant spiders, Australia is in the top 10. Can't argue this, as it is home to stunning beaches, the Great Barrier Reef and not to forget the fact that there's tons of Irish people over there bringing their craic! 


First scuba diving lessons ✔️🐠 #stillcantgetenough

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8. New Zealand

Their capital shares the same name as a festival shoe. (Wellington FYI) But all jokes aside, Auckland is one of the most affordable cities to live in, meaning those who live there aren't too worried about rent. Plus, there's no land snakes. Phew! Also, it is extremely picturesque. 


Sunny days in New Zealand. Check the link in bio for my january 2018 Photo Tour with @allan_photography and @shanewheelphoto

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7. Canada

Canadians are well known for being friendly and sound people. It would be hard not to be jolly if those surrounding you were constantly upbeat. Happiness sure is contagious! 

6. Netherlands

It's no surprise that the Netherlands made the top 10. Situated in the north west of Europe and it's is known for a flat landscape of canals, tulip fields and cycling routes. The scenes! 


Bicikl, ovaj grad i ništa više. Eventualno još i Mišel da zabeleži momenat. 🍁 #netherlands #amsterdambikes #vsco

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5. Finland

Home to Lapland where your Christmas dreams come true. If you're ever lucky enough to travel here, you're in for such a treat. Hey Santa! 

4. Switzerland 

Famous for their chocolate. Enough said. 


Mamake gak pernah khilaf klo masuk toko make up. Tapi klo toko cokelat🙈🙉🙊 . #Lindt #Lindor #swisschocolate #favorite #famousamos #cannotresist

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3. Iceland 

In third place, Iceland is one of the happiest places on the planet. Anyone who lives in these beautiful surroundings would find it hard to be unhappy. Just look at The Blue Lagoon. It's a gigantic geothermal spa that's located in a lava field in Grindavik on the Reykjanes Peninsula. The warmth is cheery enough in itself. 

2. Denmark 

Hygge (pronounced hue-guh) is a Danish word that is used for acknowledging a moment or a feeling. Whether that be alone or with your best friends, at home or out. It essentially means enjoying the good things in life with good people. The Danes prioritise this, and that is why they're so happy. We love it. 

1. Norway 

The Northern Lights would be enough to keep us happy. Experiencing those stunning colours move across the Arctic Sky is on many traveller's bucket lists. *Books flights immediately.*