Storm Names For 2018/19 Released

Storm Names For 2018/19 Released

12 Sep 2018

Ali will be the name of this winter's first storm across Ireland and the UK.

Met Eireann has teamed up with the UK's Met Office to come up with this year's storm names for some of the more extreme weather systems.

If it's a particularly bad winter, we could see storms Saoirse, Tristan and Violet blow across the country.

This is the fourth year that names have been used for storms that hit Ireland and Britain.

The names are chosen by the public in the UK and the Republic of Ireland, and are aimed at raising awareness of severe weather.

Let's just hope that Emma or Ophelia don't return...

Here's the full list for this season, and just so you know, the letters Q, U, X, Y, and Z are omitted to conform to international storm naming conventions:

A - Ali

B - Bronagh

C - Callum

D - Deirdre

E - Erik

F - Freya

G - Gareth

H - Hannah

I -Idris

J - Jane

K - Kevin

L - Lily

M - Max

N - Niamh

O - Oliver

P - Peggy

R - Ross

S - Saoirse

T- Tristan

V - Violet

W - Wyn