Secondary Students Urged Not To Get Stressed By Mock Results

Secondary Students Urged Not To Get Stressed By Mock Results
Niall Colbert
Niall Colbert

12 Mar 2018

Leaving and Junior Certificate students are being urged not to get stressed if they don't do well in their mocks.

Tens of thousands of students across the country are getting their results around now.

They're being reminded there's still plenty of time to improve before the state exams in June.

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Luke Saunders is a secondary school teacher, and the founder of

He says now is the time for pupils to put in the work, in order to reach their potential "It can be quite common for students to go up by 1 or even 2 grades between the mocks and the main exams in June".

He's advising students to work through each subject topic by topic and pay particular attention to what they consider their weak points.

The period after the mocks leaves many students questioning whether they're studying subjects at the right level.

Mr. Saunders says "Talk about it with your teacher. They'll know the level that you're at and what it takes. Sometimes all it takes is a little bit of extra focus on those subjects."

"We find students typically ignore the subjects that they don't like and they're the ones that you really have to put more work into".