Referendum Results: Here's How The Day Will Go

Referendum Results: Here's How The Day Will Go

26 May 2018

Ireland has gone to the polls on the removal of the Eighth Amendment and today we'll find out the results.

Two exit polls revealed by the Irish Times and RTÉ last night have predicted a strong victory for the Yes side.

Here's what's going to happen today:

- At 9am the count of the ballot boxes will begin.

- The boxes are counted in 40 venues across the country. For Dublin those are the RDS and Citywest Conference Centre.

- The results should start to come in during the early afternoon and will be announced by constituency. 

- The first Marriage Referendum result was announced at 2:30pm. The country was voting on two issues that time so we can probably expect the first result today before then.

- We'll have an idea of the outcome during the afternoon and then we'll wait for the official, final result. That's predicted for early evening. 

- We may then hear from Yes and No campaigners following the final announcement. 

- A number of venues and public areas like Dublin Castle are expected to open for people to gather.