Queer Irish Dictionary Launched By Students Union

Queer Irish Dictionary Launched By Students Union
Niall Colbert
Niall Colbert

21 Mar 2018

The Union of Students in Ireland, along with the Transgender Equality Network of Ireland (TENI) and BelongTo have launched 'An Foclóir Aiteach', or 'The Queer Dictionary'.

The USI says it's only fair that everyone should be able to recognise and describe themselves in any language.

It's the first of its kind in Ireland with over 100 words and terms translated.

The dictionary has terms like: Agender (Gan inscne), Bigender (Dá-inscneach), Demigender (Leath-inscnech), Genderqueer (Inscne-aiteach), Transgender (Trasinscneach), and Drag Queen (Banríon Draig).

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President of the USI, Michael Kerrigan, described the dictionary as  aresource for members of the LGBTQA community, and "a positive step forward for the Irish language to be part of people’s identities".

TENI Board Member Cearbhall Turraoin believes it adds to Ireland's reputation as a world leader on LGBT rights.

To download the dictionary, check out the USI website.