Number Of Prefab Classrooms On The Rise

Number Of Prefab Classrooms On The Rise
Niall Colbert
Niall Colbert

5 days ago

The number of prefabs being used as classrooms has risen by almost a third over the last two years.

There are now 1,300 prefabs being used by schools across the country.

The Irish Independent says that's an extra 300 temporary buildings which are too cold in winter, and too hot in summer.

Last week, it was revealed that over 500 school upgrades have been put on hold to allow the building of over 40 new schools.

Those new schools will be situated mainly in the Dublin and commuter areas.

Liam Burke is the Principal of Whitecross National School in Julianstown, Co Meath.

He says they've been waiting for a new building to replace their prefab for over a decade.

"What really is frustrating for me is within a 10 kilometer radius of our school there are 10 brand new schools and I would argue that only 2 of those should have been ahead of us in any building project so basically what I'm looking for is equality for our students here and we're just not getting it ".