Maynooth University Introduce 'Napping Pods'

Maynooth University Introduce 'Napping Pods'

27 Feb 2018

Lecture, lecture, tutorial, lecture.

It's a dreaded sight for any student in their college timetable, and it can really take its toll. 

But rather than have students dosing off at the back of the lecture halls, Maynooth University have introduced napping pods.

High-tech EnergyPods have been installed in the library to help students to take a break in order to keep their energy up.

Maynooth is the first Irish university to install the pods, which will allow students to take 20-minute naps.

The pods are the brain child of first year student Brian Crinion, who is studying for a BSc in Robotics and Intelligent Devices.


His research shows that a 20-minute nap is more effective than a cup of coffee in restoring energy levels.

The pods themselves are made up of:

- a privacy visor

- a built in speaker system

- an alarm to wake students after 20 minutes

Crinion said, "I came up with the idea while I was trying to find a healthy way of balancing my long commute to university, my classes and my extracurricular activities.

"I looked at the benefits of short napping during the day, and researched ways of fitting them in to student life."

"The EnergyPods were the perfect solution."