Irish Women's Hockey Team Homecoming Will Be At 3 pm

Irish Women's Hockey Team Homecoming Will Be At 3 pm

6 Aug 2018

A civic reception will be held in Dublin's Dame Street this afternoon to welcome home Ireland's hockey heroes.

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar says the Irish Women's hockey team has inspired the country, after they won silver medals at the Hockey World Cup Final in London.

President Michael D Higgins says it's a 'fantastic accomplishment' and Sports Minister Shane Ross says it is 'an historic achievement'.


Lord Mayor of Dublin Nial Ring is urging the public to come out and show their appreciation:

"There is going to be bands, a bit of fun we're going to give them the absolute reception that they thoroughly deserve for what they've done for Irish sport, for what they've done for women's sport and what they've done for the Irish nation."

Today's homecoming for Ireland's World Cup silver medalists will be held at City Hall on Dame Street at 3 pm.

As a result, restrictions have been implemented on Dame St and on surrounding routes as of 10 o'clock this morning.

Dame St has now closed both ways between George's St and Parliament St.

This means that traffic on both George's St and Parliament St won't be able to turn left onto Dame St.

Traffic will also be diverted at High Street down Winetavern Street and Nicolas Street while no traffic will be allowed down Lord Edward Street.