Here's Your Longitude Weekend Weather Forecast

Here's Your Longitude Weekend Weather Forecast
Laura Bracken
Laura Bracken

13 Jul 2018

We've had stunning weather the past couple of weeks. The whole time, we were saying to ourselves 'we really hope this lasts for Longitude.' 

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It looks like for the most part it will be dry with some cloud. However, it is Ireland so we always recommend a raincoat with any outfit at a festival. 


Mostly cloudy and it will stay dry. Minimum temperature of 12 degrees tonight. Highs of 21. 

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Humid with sunshine and scattered cloud. Dry in the morning and early afternoon but there could be some light rain in the afternoon. Max temperatures of 24-26 degrees. 

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Some light showers and plenty of cloud. Highs of 22 and lows of 13. 

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