Here's Your Electric Picnic Weekend Weather Forecast

Here's Your Electric Picnic Weekend Weather Forecast
Laura Bracken
Laura Bracken

31 Aug 2018

The weekend of Electric Picnic has finally arrived! 

Festivals in Ireland can be tricky because you basically have to pack for all four seasons over the course of three days. 

There's a small chance of some rain, but it looks like it's off to an alright start.

In a general overview of the weekend, Met Eireann's Pat Clarke says: "It will be a reasonable enough weekend, but not completely dry. There will be bits and pieces of rain so you'd probably still want to bring the wellington's just in case."


Sunny with some clouds with some light showers later tonight. Highs of 18 degrees but could be as low as 11 degrees in the night so best pack some chunky knits to keep warm. 

Pat Clarke says, "It's probably quite sunny down there [this morning], but it's clouding over from the West and there will be some pieces of light rain and drizzle there tonight.

"But it will be very, very light and it won't lash all night so probably coming in at around 9 or 10 o'clock."


A very sunny forecast which is always lovely to hear. "Highest temperatures 18 to 21 degrees." 

However, Pat Clarke says there might be a small chance of light showers to start;

"There could be a little bit of drizzle to start, but as the morning progresses it's going to dry out.

"A bit of cloud in the morning, brighter in the evening with a bit of sunshine coming through."


It could be a more of a mixed bag on Sunday with some showers and sunshine expected. Temperatures in the day mostly between 15 and 17 degrees (but could go higher), and between 5 and 8 degrees at night under clear skies. 

Pat Clarke says, "There will be some rain at times with some dry periods too, and temperatures could reach around 20 degrees."

Check out our 10 acts not to miss at Electric Picnic here. It's also being reported that traffic will be quite slow on the way to Stradbally. So, leave plenty of time to arrive safely. Read more on that here