Here's Everything You Need To Know From Yesterday's Apple Event

Here's Everything You Need To Know From Yesterday's Apple Event

13 Sep 2018

Yesterday Apple launched 3 new iPhones and the Apple Watch series 4. 

Xs - Starting from €859

Apple's new flagship phone is the Xs. 

It's taller and thinner than the 8 plus. 

It comes in 64gb, 256gb or 512gb and the available colours are silver, gold and space grey. 

It's stainless steel and will stay waterproof up to 2 meters. 

Xs Max - Starting from €945

The iPhone Xs Max has the biggest ever iPhone screen. 

It comes in the same the same sizes and colours as the Xs. 

Pre orders for both phones start on 14th September and they're available from 21st September. 

Xr - Starting from €744

The cheapest option announced yesterday was the iPhone Xr. 

It's sized in between the Xs and the Xs Max. 

The Xr arrives later than the more expensive models. Pre orders start on October 19th and it will begin shipping on 26th October. 

One feature that all the new models share is the lack of a physical home button. 

Apple Watch 

The Apple Watch series 4 can detect when someone falls, perform an ECG test and alert you when your heart rate is too low. 

Apple also announced it's new chip A12 bionic. It's the smallest and fastest chip Apple have created to date. 

Finally even if you don't plan on splashing out on a new device, Apple revealed they will release iOS 12 on 17th September with lots of cool features.