DCU Students Are Up In Arms - Over A Chicken Goujon

DCU Students Are Up In Arms - Over A Chicken Goujon
Andrew Lowth
Andrew Lowth

9 Feb 2017

***UPDATE: 5:00pm***

The Students Union at DCU as well as the student bar, the NuBar, have answered the wishes of their students.

They've launched a "Goujon Appreciation Day", which will take place on Valentines Day next Tuesday, to unite the students and their love for the very popular goujons.

5 goujons will served for one day only.

"For that day, the NuBar are bringing back the 5th goujon," a delighted DCUSU President Dylan Kehoe told SPIN 1038.

"We're going to have live music, we're going to have a great time in there all day.

"If we can show the NuBar 'look, the students really care about this 5th goujon' and show that it's their passion and it's what they want, then we'll make leaps and bounds in the negotiation process."


DCU students pride themselves in the food that's served in their student bar, The NuBar.

One particular favourite of the menu is the chicken goujons and chips option, which many students believe is the best you'll find in any restaurant.

However since the beginning of this year, the NuBar have lowered the portion from 5 chicken goujons to 4.

This hasn't sat well with the students, with SU President Dylan Kehoe posting to Facebook on Tuesday about his dismay:

He then took to Twitter, officially launching the #BringBackOurGoujon campaign

#BringBackOurGoujon quickly became a huge trend online, with students past and present reuniting to show their dismay at the news:

Speaking to SPIN 1038, Dylan described what happened:

"Over the last many years, the goujons have been world famous, especially among past and present students. 

"Students come back at the start of this semester, expecting their usual 5 goujons in a portion, and were deeply shocked and saddened to see there was only 4 in a portion."

In another development, another member of the SU, James Donoghue, decided the situation was so serious that that he chained himself to the NuBar fences:

According to Dylan, this happened after negotiations with the bar:

"We started some negotiations, got nowhere, and myself and James found a chain at the back of the offices and we saw a glowing opportunity.

"He was chained up for a while, and there was still no push from the NuBar," he added. "So we got the media involved, we got a hashtag going and now we've got some great alumni backing us"

Dylan has also told us that there is good news on the way for students who appreciate that 5th goujon, so watch this space.


*Main image credit - NuBar DCU (Facebook)*