CAO: Which Courses Had The Biggest Change In Points

CAO: Which Courses Had The Biggest Change In Points

20 Aug 2018

Over 50,000 students received third-level course offers this morning. 

This year sees big changes in points with 40% of courses seeing an increase and half of all courses having their points decreased. 

Medicine remains a competitive choice while arts courses have seen a drop in applications.

Engineering and architecture courses are in high demand but overall points for Stem (science, technology, engineering and maths) courses have fluctuated in both directions. 

Music courses have seen the biggest drop in points this year. Cork Institute of Technology's Popular Music: Keyboards course is down by 233 points. 

Primary Teaching

Maynooth University: Up by 14 points to 499.

Mary Immaculate College Limerick: Up by 8 points to 474.

Dublin City University: Up by 2 points to 464.

Maynooth University


University College Dublin: The points requirement was 326 last year. This year the course has been split into three new strands. Arts now requires 381 points. Humanities is 301 points and Social Scienves requires 392. 

University College Cork: Down by 46 points to 300.

Maynooth University: Down by 7 to 320. 

University College Cork


University College Cork: Up by 2 points to 445.

University College Dublin: Up by 2 points to 413.

University of Limerick: Up by 12 points to 452.

University of Limerick

Computer Science

Trinity College Dublin: Down by 23 to 444. 

University College Cork: Down by 16 to 403.

Dublin City University: Down by 13 to 377.

Trinity College Dublin: (Computer Science with a Language): Down 93 to 350.

Dublin City University: (Computer Applications): Down 13 50 377. 

University Limerick: (Computer Technologies): Down 12 to 332. 

Trinity College Dublin


University College Dublin: Up 11 points to 510.

Trinity College Dublin: Up 18 points to 488.

NUI Galway: Up 31 points to 432.

NUI Galway


NUI Galway: Up by 1 point to 401.

Maynooth University: Down by 16 to 350. 

Dublin City University: Down by 2 to 478.

Dublin City University

Business Studies

NUI Galway (Commerce): Up 13 points to 420. 

University of Limerick: Up 4 points to 423.

University College Cork (Commerce): Up 7 points to 462.

Dublin City University: Down 3 points to 463.

University College Dublin: Down 7 points to 498.

NUI Galway


University of Limerick (Law Plus): Up 4 points to 477.

Maynooth University: Up 7 points to 420.

NUI Galway (Civil Law): Up 21 points to 451.

NUI Galway (Corporate Law): Up 17 points to 409.

Maynooth University

Music & Creative Arts

Dublin Institute of Technology (Commercial Modern Music): Down 120 points to 540.

Dublin Institute of Technology (Music): Down 34 points to 415.

Cork Institute of Technology (Popular Music: Keyboards): Down 233 points to 708.

Dún Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design and Technology (Animation): Down 88 points to 947.

Cork Institute of Technology

The three courses with the highest points: 

1. Trinity College - Dental Science - 590 points 

2. Trinity College - Law & Political Science - 578 points

3. Dublin City University - Global Business - 578 points

The three courses with the lowest points: 

1. Insitute Technolony Tallaght - International Hospitality & Tourism Management - 186 points

2. Dún Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design and Technology - Arts Management - 193 points

3. Griffith College - Journalism & Visual Media - 193 points

You can check out the full list of points required for 2018 courses here. Applicants have until this Friday at 5:15pm to accept round one offers.