All You Need To Know About New Leaving Cert Marking System

All You Need To Know About New Leaving Cert Marking System
Sharron Lynskey
Sharron Lynskey

9 Aug 2017

A new way of grading the Leaving Certificate is being introduced this year.

The new grade scheme will see markings like an A1 replaced with H1 (for a higher level paper) or O1 for an ordinary level paper.

An 'A2' or a 'B1' - between 80 or 90% - will be worth the same amount: either a 'H2' or an 'O2'.

It will see several grades done away with and amalgamated, and the new system will no longer use the likes of A1, A2 and so on.

The new scale has eight grades at both higher and ordinary levels - the highest grade is a Grade 1, the lowest grade you can get is a Grade 8.

Grades 1-7 run from a 100% to a 30% mark and Grade 8 will stand for percentage marks between 0 to 29.9% and will stand as a fail.

This new system was announced back in 2015 but this is the first year it is being used. The main features of it include:

  • It maintains the current alignment between the points awarded for achievement at Higher Level and the points awarded for achievement at Ordinary Level
  • The difference in the points awarded for each grade varies, reducing the probability that students will achieve the same overall points score. This move hopes to minimise the allocation of places in higher education by random selection.
  • It will encourage the take-up of Higher Level subjects through the introduction of points for the new H7 grade.
  • It continues to award Bonus Points for Higher Level Maths.