A Pop Up Chapel Coming to Dublin Is Marrying People For 30 Days Only

A Pop Up Chapel Coming to Dublin Is Marrying People For 30 Days Only

18 Oct 2017

Are you ready for the age of promiscuity?

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Well now’s your chance!

Cut the commitment & get a no strings 30-day marriage at the Virgin Media Chapel.

To celebrate Virgin Media’s new 30-day “no strings” contracts Virgin Media are bringing their 30-day Chapel to Dublin’s South King Street for one day only on Thursday 19th October. If you fancy a minimal commitment marriage carried out by Elvis and with Comedian Al Porter overseeing the nuptials…

Come on down to the Virgin Media Chapel with the love of your life, or maybe just the love of right now, and we will join you together for 30 days, no strings attached! Your partner, your friend, your pooch or even a complete stranger… whoever it is come on down, get married and you could win some awesome spot prizes.

Why are Virgin Media marrying people you ask? It’s all to promote their 30-day, no strings broadband, TVand mobile contracts.

So basically,with Virgin Media’s 30-Day Contracts you can get your broadband, TV and mobile phone with all the benefits of a 12-month contract but without the commitment.

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You can keep up with all the action on the day by following #30day.

The Age of Promiscuity is here, Long Live Virgin Media’s 30-day no strings TV and Broadband Contracts. Choose your Freedom Bundle here.