A Full Timetable For Today's Inauguration

A Full Timetable For Today's Inauguration
Sean Reidy
Sean Reidy

20 Jan 2017

The day has finally arrived for businessman Donald Trump. In a few hours he will become one of the most powerful men in the world, as he takes office as the 45th President of the United States of America.

Inauguration day is one that is filled with rituals, which begins with the new First Family attending church, before they make their way over to the White House. Obama's first inauguration was the biggest event to ever be held in Washington DC and it looks like the pressure is on this years organisers to put on a good show.

Over the past number of weeks, there has been a number of reports that his team were finding it extremely hard to source entertainment for the event, but those rumours have been played down by the man himself.

If you're interested in not missing any of the action today, here is a full timetable for the events which will be taking place in Washington DC. 

  • 13:45 Mr and Mrs Trump attend prayer services at St John's Church.
  • 14:55 Mr and Mrs Trump meet the Obamas at White House.
  • 15:45 Arrive at Capitol Hill
  • 16:15 The inauguration begins.
  • 16:33 Mike Pence takes Vice Presidential Oath, administered by Justice Clarence Thomas
  • 16:46 Donald Trump takes Presidential oath, administered by Chief Justice John Roberts
  • 17:18 National Anthem is sung by Jackie Evancho
  • 19:00 Obamas board USAF 747 to depart Washington DC.
  • 19:40 President Trump reviews troops on east front of Capitol.

Here is some of the highlights from the Obama 2009 event, which broke world records for crowd attendance.