A Budget Trip To See Mayweather-McGregor In Vegas Still Costs A Fortune

A Budget Trip To See Mayweather-McGregor In Vegas Still Costs A Fortune
Andrew Lowth
Andrew Lowth

2 Aug 2017

We've been crunching up the numbers here in SPIN, on the off chance anyone fancies a trip to see the highly anticipated boxing match between the undefeated multi-weight world champion Floyd Mayweather and UFC star Conor McGregor in Las Vegas on Saturday 26th of August, and it doesn't look too pretty even if you're planning to go on a budget.

If you want to go to the fight even just for a short weekend, tickets alone will set you back just under $2,100 (€1,781)!

The cost for the tickets themselves doesn't represent a good seat necessarily, as the priced tickets listed for the so-called 'nosebleed' seats in the top tier.

To put it into perspective, the cheapest ticket at the time of writing, according to Ticketmaster.com, is for section 213, which you can see the location of on the Arena map for the T-Mobile Arena:

Image credit: Ticketmaster.com

That ticket is from what Ticketmaster describes as a 'Verified Re-seller', so it's not even a guarantee you'll even get that one.

The lowest-priced 'Full Ticket' that hasn't already been purchased available is currently set a lot higher than that - at $3,500 (€2983.68).

Flights are proving to be higher priced than standard considering the weekend that is involved for the event, with the cheapest fares coming in at around €680 from Cork, according to flights comparison site Skyscanner, if you leave on Thursday, the 24th of October.

However, with those flights you're looking at travelling for 24 hours, with a long wait at the connected airport.

If you're patient, that's the best you'll get if you're planning to make a shorter weekend out of it. However if you want to make the most of the weekend, and not give up a day essentially, then the best ticket you're looking at will cost you €730 from Dublin, and that's with a 3 hour stop-over in Charlotte.

Now, to the dreaded bit, hotels!

If you have somewhere to stay such as a friend/family member who may have accommodation in Vegas, then this won't be a problem to you.

However, the average punter won't always have that luxury and with that, you'll be looking at the hotels with the most convenience.

Let's say you're travelling with one other person as a marker, and the cheapest hotel room is based over 2kms outside the main Vegas strip, and costs €386 for the weekend, so €193 per person.

So if you buy the cheapest Full Ticket, you're looking at spending close to €4000, before you even land on Vegas.

But what about spending money?

If you're only going for 3 nights, then it's fair to think you could limit yourself to $200-$250. That will get you casual restaurant meals, a small bit of gambling time, and would pay your taxi's from the strip to your Downtown hotel, according to The Lonely Planet.

So, let's do the sums (in US Dollars):

Ticket: $2,100 - $3,500
Flights: $803 - $862
Hotels: $236 - $310
Spending Money: $600 - $750
TOTAL: $3,739 - $5,422

If you want to work in Euros, that's €3,165 - €4,589

So, if you're lucky enough to get the best rates and the best out of your short holiday, you're still looking at over €3,000. Pocket change.

The likelihood is, not everyone will be lucky enough to get the ticket at the knockdown rate, as they're the ones most likely to go quickly (one has been sold as I type this) so you're probably looking at paying around €3,700 on average.

So if you're planning a budget weekend away to Vegas for what should be an intriguing encounter between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather, then expect to dip into the savings.