The Chainsmokers Say They'd Love To Team Up With Kanye West

The Chainsmokers Say They'd Love To Team Up With Kanye West
Sharron Lynskey
Sharron Lynskey

3 Jul 2017

The Chainsmokers say their dream collaboration would be with Kanye West.

The American DJ duo told Nathan from Fully Charged that they've a long list but that they "keep saying Kanye West. I think that'd be really fun Even if the song never came out, it'd just be sweet".

They also haven't ruled out teaming up with Mr Worldwide.

"He's a legend. I mean, that guy has sold probably like over three, four hundred million albums", they said.

"From what i hear, he's like one of the nicest guys too out there". 

They've already worked with a number of big names including Chris Martin, Halsey and Tiesto but their latest single Honest features none other than our very own Bono. They met the U2 frontman through Ryan Tedder from OneRepublic.

"We ended up becoming pretty good friends with him and he's been one of those people that you can have such a great respect for because they've been in an insanely successful band for so many decades".

"When you have a question ... its good to have people like that who can just shed some light on the reality of your situation".