Money Saving Tips For Everyone Who’s Got Bills

Money Saving Tips For Everyone Who’s Got Bills

30 Jan 2018

Life is expensive!

Rent, phone bill, food, clothes, nights out, petrol, education fees, loan repayments... the list goes on and that’s before you try and save anything.

Here's a few handy tips on how to save money on your insurance policies:


  • Make sure to have appropriate smoke and burglar alarms
  • Insure based on the reinstatement value and not the market value
  • Consider a 2 year policy


  • Use the correct occupation title
  • Have your car valued in advance
  • Paying in one go can sometimes be less expensive
  • Consider a 2 year policy


  • Have private health insurance
  • Purchase a multi-trip policy
  • Research the different levels of cover available


  • Purchase from a dedicated gadget insurance company
  • Only insure for what you feel may actually happen to the device
  • Bundle multiple gadgets into the same policy


  • Vaccinate your pet
  • Have your met microchipped

Also remember, keep an eye out for sales and discount codes and lots of insurance companies will give you a discount for taking out a couple of policies at once.

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