The Top Christmas Ads Of All Time

The Top Christmas Ads Of All Time
Rachael O Brien
Rachael O Brien

21 Nov 2017

You know it's Christmas when the ads start appearing on television. 

Some are iconic and appear every year and some brands bring out a new one every Christmas. 

Here at Spin, we've compiled our best ten ads. 

Let the festive cheer begin! 

One of the most iconic ads that officially marks the start of Christmas for a lot of people is the Kellogg's ad. Made originally in 1990, this is one that's shown every year. 

Last year everyone fell in love with Kevin the Carrot from Aldi. 

And this year saw Kevin find himself a girlfriend called Katie! 

John Lewis have brought out some pretty great ads but in 2015 this one gave us the ultimate feels. 

Dennys showed us how good Santy is a few years ago! 

Guinness brought out this gem in 2011 and it's been around since. 

Vodafone had us all dreaming of bringing loved ones home for the festive period. 

As did Lidl. 

And of course we could hardly compile a list without this one - no introduction needed.