Drake Goes On Good Deed Spree Giving $125,000 To Strangers

Drake Goes On Good Deed Spree Giving $125,000 To Strangers

7 Feb 2018

Drake has been splashing the cash in the soundest way imaginable.

The rapper was dishing out dollars by doing good deeds for complete strangers.

It's rumoured the random acts of soundness are for his new God's Plan video 

This lucky lady met him in the supermarket and he paid for her shopping.


I met drake today at the supermarket , thanks drake for the groceries #drake

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It wasn't only this lady who got lucky though, everyone in the Sabor Tropical Supermarket at 4pm on Tuesday got their shopping paid for by Champagne Papi!

Entering the store with a megaphone he announced that he'd be paying for the groceries, which totalled approximately $50,000. Pocket change...

That wasn't the only good deed the Canadian got up to this week.

On Monday Drake gave a University of Miami student, Destiny James, $50,000 towards her college fees. 

He also gifted the Miami Senior High School $25,000 and OVO dsigned kit.

If you see him it might be finicially wise to lurk around in the hope he's still feeling generous!