Where Are They Now: Kevin Federline

Where Are They Now: Kevin Federline

29 Aug 2017

K-Fed, will turn 40 next March. Where is the noughties heart throb now?

Tank tops and dog tags ring a bell? No?

Britney And Kevin Chaotic should give you a refresher.

Kevin Federline shot to fame when he coupled up with pop Princess Britney Spears. They got together in 2004. Britney had just smooched Madonna at the VMAs and was thriving having released In The Zone in 2003 featuring smash hits Toxic and Everytime.

The pair were Hollywood royalty.

Britney and K-Fed typified Hollywood relationships. After dating for three months they got engaged. They were married after five months together, had a child by their one year anniversary and were divorced by their next, with another child in tow.

Kev got full custody of their two children and received $20,000 a month in child support from Britney. He only wanted 50/50 custody but based Britney's behaviour at the time he ended up getting full custody. Think back to partying pantiless with Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan and the now infamous head shaving ordeal.


Now on his third marriage Kevin Federline seems to have it sussed. This month he celebrated ten years with Victoria Prince, a former volleyball player. A decade together in celebrity land is a lifetime in normal people years. Keeping his tradition of rapid relationship progression the couple married in 2013 in Vegas, 24 hours after Kevin proposed.

K-Fed describes himself as a full time dad, part time producer/rapper/DJ.

He apparently commands a minimum of $10,000 per DJ set. We'd work part time too if we earned that per set.

His YouTube channel has only 305 subscribers and one upload, his 2016 track Hollywood. It's seriously self deprecating and we aren't quite sure if he's parodying himself or not...

Decide for yourself. (Contains explicit language!)

K-Fed is woke. He's enlightened and has become vegan this year.

Will a blog of food tutorials and recipes follow soon? We can only hope!

We're going to assume this lifestyle choice has influenced some of his odd gig posters featuring his precious pup Gemma.


Kev has six kids, two with each of his three serious partners:

Kori Madison Federline (With Shar Jackson)

Kaleb Michael Jackson Federline (With Shar Jackson)

Sean Preston Federline (With Britney Spears)

Jayden James Federline (With Britney Spears)

Jordan Kay (With Victoria Prince)

Peyton Marie (With Victoria Prince)


2017 squad!!! They're getting so big... Grandma took this pic at Jordan's first bball game Saturday. @crownv_16 #thefedz

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Federline seems exemplary in managing co-parenting with his exes. His Insta is full of cute snaps of the fam playing together captioned #TheFedz.

Will K-Fed ever manage a big comeback in the music scene? How many more kids will he have?

Only time will tell but if he can beat WWE star John Cena, the world is K-Fed's oyster!

Main Image Credit: Instagram @federline4real via@sottstorchofficial