Watch Niall Horan Reveal The Inspiration Behind 'This Town'

Watch Niall Horan Reveal The Inspiration Behind 'This Town'
Laura Bracken
Laura Bracken

20 Dec 2016

Niall Horan fans, this will have you swooning. 

Spotify have released a short video as part of their Anatomy of a Song series, and this time our very own Niall is in the hotseat. 

Niall talks all about how he wrote his debut solo single This Town, and finally answers the questions on Directioner's lips worldwide - who inspired the song?!

The Mullingar man said that he keeps a leather book and writes all of his lyrics within it. He said 'I just write concepts at the back, and scenarios - whether they be personal or whether it's just a scenario that's relatable.'

Niall went on to add that he 'always writes the melody first' and takes a voice note on his phone. 

This Town was released in October, totally by surprise. Niall labelled it 'really relatable.' Ever since it graced the charts, every one was questioning who the song was truly about. 

Niall said 'if you come from a small town, you get that straight away. Everytime you go home, people are coming in from all over the world, and you just walk into the bar and it's like there's the girl that you fell for when you were 12.'

So there you have it - it's about a young love of Niall's. He went on to add that it's a 'real life song.'