There Was Chaos In The CBB House Last Night

There Was Chaos In The CBB House Last Night
Laura Bracken
Laura Bracken

3 Aug 2017

Last night's episode of CBB was a lot to take in, and it was only the highlights of the first night. This is a great sign that this series is going to be pretty explosive and make for amazing viewing! 

As part of a secret task, Shaun has to deliver two killer nominations to two housemates of his choice. 

He chose Marissa as his first nomination, and she said she was 'fine' despite looking incredibly annoyed. 

Marissa has six days to save herself from public vote, as the eviction isn't until Tuesday August 8th. 

Meanwhile, Sarah Harding was getting a lot of air-time as she was spilling her guts about a previous 'toxic' relationship. She was famously engaged to DJ Tom Crane for four years, but called it quits before the wedding. 

Sarah revealed to Paul Danan that the breakup from Tom led her to move to the countryside to live a 'secluded' life. 

Chad enraged viewers last night because he was flirting with all the girls. First he tried his hand at Jemma, then confirmed he was down to date all the girls.


He said that every girl he spoke to in the house seems 'open to it' but Twitter didn't agree. 

A bromance has been born between Jordan and Sam. 

And Paul caused drama because he pressed the fire alarm thinking it was the Diary Room door opener. *face palm*

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