The Tweets We've Been Waiting For

The Tweets We've Been Waiting For
Doireann Garrihy
Doireann Garrihy

7 Feb 2017

It looks like 1D could be reuniting a lot sooner than we expected. Well, 2/5 of the lads...but that'll do us!

So, producer of The Late Late Show with James Corden Ben Winston tweeted Louis Tomlinson earlier this week, asking him to come on the show.

Louis responded with "if you promise to join me for a night out ?"

Ben (the witty thing) replied "oh jeeze. We better book someone else...". JOKER.


To which Louis replied "might be best. My terms are non negotiable"

LOW AND BEHOLD - our very own Nialler chimes in on the action...he said "can I come down and watch hahah"

Ben joked back:

Niall said "whatever ya want me to go to haha"*

*Reads this in a Mullingar accent*

Now Louis didn't reply to Nialler, but he did confirm his appearance on the show, tweeting James Corden himself with "It's been too long ! . Can't wait to see you mate"

What would stop Niall from getting in on the action and showing up too? NOTHING, that's what. Maybe even a last minute carpool karaoke could happen. THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS.

We have EVERYTHING crossed.