The Simpsons Make Television History

The Simpsons Make Television History

30 Apr 2018

The Simpsons have set a new television record after airing it's 636th episode in the US last night.

"Forgive and Regret" saw the cartoon break the record for the most scripted episodes aired by any prime-time series in TV history.

Matt Greoning's creation was launched in 1989, and is now in its 29th season.

It's not the first record to be broken by The Simpsons: 

  • It is the longest running animated series of all time.
  • It's the longest running American sitcom of all time.
  • It has featured more guest stars than any other TV series.
  • It has won the most Emmy Awards for an animated show.

Obviously it's great news for the show and it's creators, but The Simpsons has been suffering a decline in ratings over the past decade and a half, with many fans feeling there was a drop in quality.

In recent weeks, the show has faced criticism for alleged racial stereotyping in relation to Apu.

However, it still hits around the 4 million viewers mark every week, so we can expect to see it on our screens for a while longer.