The 5 Best TV Shows Streaming On NOW TV

The 5 Best TV Shows Streaming On NOW TV

20 Apr 2018

There's so much TV to choose from these days.

You could waste a whole evening just flicking through the options, before it's just too late to watch anything. So we have just the solution...

We've had a look at what's on offer on NOW TV and here's our pick of the best:



The story is set in a virtual wild west, populated by android “hosts”. While these artificially intelligent robots seem real, they cannot hurt living things but at the start of the first season we see that something is about to go terribly wrong.

Season 1 box set is streaming now and with season 2 out next Monday, there's no better time to catch up!


Ex On The Beach
This show doesn't needs much of an introduction. Stephen Bear, Gary Beadle & his fellow Geordie Shore Star Vicky Pattison have all appeared over the years.Starting back in 2014 and now on its 8th series, all are available to stream.


Geordie Shore
Now that they’ve just announced season 17 is making its debut in May, and that's no mistake, who knew Geordie Shore would last so long, this is the perfect excuse to take a trip down memory lane and recap on the previous series.

From Gaz & Charlotte, to the drunken house parties, to the most mortal moments, you can re-watch them all on NOW TV.


If you haven't seen Catfish the movie, its about Nev Shulman, who falls in love with a woman he's met through Facebook, Megan. This results in a road trip to meet Megan, but she is not who she says she is.

This TV show follows Nev as he helps others, who've have fallen in love online to test the legitimacy of their lovers'.

If you fancy some cringe encounters, season 1-6 box set is on the website.


Sex & The City
If you went to see either one of the Sex & The City films, then you have a good enough idea of what the TV show is about. It ran across 6 season from 1998 until 2004.

The New York based comedy became one of the most popular and influential television series of the late 90s and early 00s, with story lines that tackled relevant and modern social issues.

Every episodes is available to stream now.

You can access over 300 box sets and the latest shows on NOW TV with no contract. Try out the 14 day free trial.