Taylor Swift's Ready For It Video Has Fans Confused

Taylor Swift's Ready For It Video Has Fans Confused

27 Oct 2017

The old Taylor is dead but apparently not buried if her Ready For It video is anything to go by. It dropped this morning and we are confused... Come back to us after the Bank Holiday and we might neeearly be done sorting through the symbolism and metaphors it's riddled with.

So far we've gauged that Taylor Swift is going through a massive identity crisis.

Do we see her attempt to shed her old pure image, represented by white cyborg Swift, and take ownership of new Taylor, represented by black robotic Swift? Is this colour scheme representing the age old symbolistic battle of good vs evil respectively?

White cyborg Taylor is presented in glass cage. Is she feeling trapped? Or perhaps trying to break out of the box she has been put in to and depart from her clean reputation. 

Symbolism of a white cyborg horse harks back to Taylor's Blank Space video and also throws to her song White Horse which discusses being let down by a boy. Is she being her own knight in shining cyborgness? 

Dark Swift is surrounded by a lot of robotic cronies in he video. Are these her infamous girl gang? Is she disillusioned with fame and the people she's surrounded by?

We weren't the only ones left a bit bemused as fans took to Twitter to compare notes.

It's dragging up language we haven't used since leaving cert English paper two. Many metaphors. Much tragedy.
We can all agree on this much.
But potentially the most profound thing people are taking from the video is that Taylor has saved herself. This breaks tradition with previous videos where love interests were the focus. Does this mean Taylor needs no man?
The white cyborg Taylor breaks out of the glass box and rises above everything via an escalator. Is she breking glass ceilings? Is she rising above all of the bad things that have happened to her recently? 

Check it out for yourself and see what sense you can make of it.