Snoop Dogg Has Urged One Direction To Reform

Snoop Dogg Has Urged One Direction To Reform
Laura Bracken
Laura Bracken

2 Jun 2017

Not gonna lie, we never thought that we'd be writing this title but alas, here we are. 

It appears Snoop Dogg wants One Direction to get back together. 

Speaking to The Metro he says that they should get back together while they're still young. 

'I do think the One Direction guys will get back together. And that’s the smart thing to do. They got to do it while they are still young, nobody wants to see a boy band have a comeback in their forties. If they do it in the next year or two, they are still at a level where they can make another 20 or 30 million dollars each.'

Despite Snoop's words of wisdom and the pleas from One Direction fans all over the world, it doesn't seem like the boys will be reuniting any time soon. 

Harry Styles is the latest member to release new music, and he's also embarking on a world tour. 

Our Niall recently discussed the idea of reuniting, and he seemed keen. 

Liam also revealed that he would like another One Direction album. Speaking to KIIS, he said  'I'd like to think there was one. There deserves to be. There was an album that wasn't toured which I wrote half of. It deserves its time. We need to write another album and do some more tours.'