Snapchat Is Getting A Re-Design

Snapchat Is Getting A Re-Design
Stephen Murphy
Stephen Murphy

9 Nov 2017

Snapchat could look very different soon.

The company's CEO says a new design is on the way, with the hope that it will make it easier to use.

According to Variety, Evan Spiegel says "one thing that we have heard over the years is that Snapchat is difficult to understand or hard to use. As a result, we are currently redesigning our application to make it easier to use".

According to Business Insider, the changes will see the app still open directly to a camera but it won't split DMs from friends in the "Chat" section on the left from the "Stories" section on the right.

Instead, everything in your network will be in one place on the left side of the screen, the right will have videos and content from the likes of Buzzfeed as well as verified celebrities in a section called "Our Stories".

From 2018, there will also be a feature where users can make their own "Snapchat Lenses" as well as the chance for users to make money from their Stories.

There will also be a new Android app to attract more people using those devices.

The app's success is down to how popular it is with 15-34s but there's now going to be a push to start appealing to people over the age of 34 to try and attract new users.

Business Insider say the new look will launch on December 4th.