Simpsons Episode From 1998 Sums Up 2016 Perfectly

Simpsons Episode From 1998 Sums Up 2016 Perfectly
Andrew Lowth
Andrew Lowth

30 Dec 2016

I may be a little delirious from the Christmas period and not knowing what day it is, but hear me out. There is logic behind the madness, I promise you that.

So earlier on SPIN Hits with Martin Guilfoyle, we discussed about the fact 2016 will be a second longer than most years.

It's because clocks have become mismatched, and experts say the extra second will be needed to bring them all back to order.

That instantly made me think of this episode of The Simpsons. Make sure you watch the first 25 seconds:

So, we have that awkward delay of an extra second (or few, in The Simpsons case). And then Homer says 'Will this horrible year never end?'.

A lot of people have been unhappy with 2016, considering the number of big, talented stars that passed away throughout the year as well as the likes of Brexit and the election of Donald Trump as US President, which has led to comments on social media from people who just want it to be finished.

Not only that, but it was later on that I discovered that the episode was that episode of the trillion dollar bill.

In a nutshell, Homer doesn't pay his taxes on time. He's taken on as a government spy. He tries to get a trillion dollar note off Mr Burns, which is claimed was stolen.

So, accusations have been made against the most powerful man for money laundering and avoiding taxes?

Sounds an awful lot like the accusations put towards Donald Trump, doesn't it?