RTE Seeking Stressed Adults For New Documentary

RTE Seeking Stressed Adults For New Documentary
Laura Bracken
Laura Bracken

5 Oct 2017

Earlier in the week, we helped spread the word about a brand new two-part documentary that's coming to RTÉ in 2018, Under Pressure

Producers of the show released call out for students who are undergoing stress in school and college. 

They've since received an overwhelming response, and are not looking for any more students, however, they are seeking stressed adults who are feeling pressure in the workplace, family or personal life. 

Is the pressure to meet work deadlines and targets taking its toll?, 
are you feeling the strain of juggling family and career? Young children, aging parents? Is your daily commute eating into your day and adding to your stress?

Are you feeling the brunt of the physical demands of the job? Do you feel like a hostage to social media - always having to be "on" or maybe you are feeling the pressure to up-skill and stay relevant at work? Have a constant fear of failure and are close to burnout?

RTE say "Under Pressure will examine why so many of us are stressed out and are finding it increasingly hard to cope with the pressure felt in our daily lives. 
We will also explore various ways that we can help deal with our stress and reduce the pressure we feel under."

If you think you would be well suited for the show, you can apply HERE