Ronan Keating Fuming Over British Actress At GQ Awards

Ronan Keating Fuming Over British Actress At GQ Awards
Tara Walsh
Tara Walsh

6 Sep 2018

Ronan Keating is fuming at a major Hollywood star after she apparently barged past him to get to the front of the queue at the GQ Men of The Year Awards. That's according to The Daily Mail.

The Boyzone star described the actress as wearing a ''Bollywood style dress.''

Considering Keating's description, many are speculating that the mystery lady must be Kate Beckinsale. 

He told his listener's on his breakfast show with Magic FM that she was in ''a blockbuster about a big event in World War II.''

All signs point to the 'Pear Harbour' star.

Keating then said that the whole situation left himself, Gwendoline Christie, Erin O'Connor and his wife, Storm, stunned. 

He explained, ''the red carpet gets backed up a little bit. Always. At all these events, whatever you do, there’s a little bit of a queue at the red carpet.''

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He continued, ''We’re having a chat, having a bit of craic and I can see this figure coming… and they’re moving at speed. There’s no one with them, they’re on their own.''

''There’s this kind of flowing Bollywood style dress. In they walk, past us, through the queue, past the whole queue, straight to the top of the red carpet, in front of the photographers and boom - hand on the hip.''

Keating said they weren't the only ones in shock at her attitude, apparently so was everyone else. 

He said, ''You can just see everybody in the queue - everyone’s just looking, going, "who the F does she think she is?!"