Piers Morgan Tried To Embarrass Love Island's Hayley & Failed

Piers Morgan Tried To Embarrass Love Island's Hayley & Failed
Laura Bracken
Laura Bracken

20 Jun 2018

The cringe. It's all too much. 

Love Island's Hayley Hughes appeared on Good Morning Britain today alongside fellow dumped islanders Kendall Rae-Knight and Charlie Frederick (note how they're sitting together this time) and it seems she got the better of host, Piers Morgan. 

During her time on the show, Hayley went viral over her comments about not knowing what Brexit was, and for not really understanding the difference between a country and a continent. 

Piers asked Hayley what her 'intellectual powerhouse' is. She replied 'anything but geography and Brexit.' Fair. 

He then went on to question Hayley about Pythagoras' theorem. Susanna then challenged Piers to explain what Pythagoras' theorem was and that's when things took a turn. 

'3.147 is certainly the first four digits.' Yep, he got confused with Pythagoras' theorem and pi. 

Watch it all unfold below: 

Yes Piers, you've definitely been 'mugged off.' 

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