PHOTOS: A Sneak Peak At Tonight's Love Island

PHOTOS: A Sneak Peak At Tonight's Love Island

21 Jun 2018

Welcome to your daily dose of Love Island gossip!

Our spies on the island have reporting back on everything we can expect from tonight's episode.

If you don't want any of the drama spoiled on you turn away now.

You have been warned...

Last night we say the end for Rosie and Adam as he took to the couch once again. Wes and Laura patched things up and new boy Sam was teased to enter the villa.

On tonight's show new boy Sam arrives and naturally the two single gals Samira and Rosie (technically single) go head to head.

Sam might be showing his cards early as he wastes no time calling out Adam for his behavior towards Rosie, much to the surprise of his fellow Islanders.

Eyal and Megan are sent on a wine tasting date leading to some saucy scenes in the Hideaway.

Wes and Laura admit to getting physical after their day of fighting. 

And Zara thinks she can tame Adam. Best of luck... 

The drama continues tonight at 9pm on 3e. 

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