One Of The New Power Rangers Will Be Autistic

Power Rangers, Movie, Lionsgate
Andrew Lowth
Andrew Lowth

21 Mar 2017

It appears a lot of TV and movie productions are starting to raise awareness of autism, and it's a long time coming.

After Sesame Street yesterday revealed they're introducing an autistic muppet 'Julia', it's now been revealed the upcoming reboot of the Power Rangers will also feature a character with the condition.

The Blue Ranger Billy will be on the spectrum, and the man who plays the Ranger has said it was time to challenge perceptions on the condition.

Speaking to Screenrant, RJ Cyler said: "I just wanted to show a different, like, viewpoint of people that are seen as being on the spectrum, right?

"Or people diagnosed with autism, 'cos it's I feel like [it's] us being outsiders looking in and I take that, I cast my own stone when I say that, 'cos there's a lot that I didn't know before."

It's clear the writers and producers of the upcoming movie are trying to bring real world issues into the movie, as it was recently revealed an LGBT Ranger would also be featured in the movie.

The Yellow Ranger, played by Becky G, will be seen discussing problems in her love life, implying that she has a girlfriend.

The movie is out this Friday the 26th of March.