Nicola Coughlan Reveals Who She Would Love To See In Derry Girls

Nicola Coughlan Reveals Who She Would Love To See In Derry Girls

25 Aug 2018

Nicola Coughlan who plays Claire in the hit comedy series 'Derry Girls' sat down for a chat with Rachael Ryan on PlanB. 

Fans of the show are incredibly excited about the second series of the show which Nicola says will start filming in October this year and she expects the show to air around January but said Channel 4 have "yet to confirm date."

Speaking about how she would like her character (Claire) to develop in the new series, Nicola said "I would really like Claire to develop a crush on someone in the new season because she wasn't very interested in Father Peter in the first series, so I'd like her to have a crush!"

"The five us always have terrible ideas of what we would like to happen...but I think the dynamic of the five friends will stay the same."

There have been loads of rumours circulating about who will make a cameo appearance in series two of 'Derry Girls'- Ardal O'Hanlan (aka Father Dougal from Father Ted) being one.

Nicola told Rachael: "Ardal would be amazing and he's worked with Lisa McGee (the creator) before."

"Imagine if he was a priest in it, in the vestments again, it would be great!"

"Saoirse (who plays Erin) really wants Dara Ó Briain, he's top of her wish list."

"I went completely over the top and was like, I want Amy Poehler to play Claire's Mum and they were like, you need to calm down!" 

Listen to the full interview here.