Macklemore Announces His Wife Tricia Is Expecting

Macklemore Announces His Wife Tricia Is Expecting
Laura Bracken
Laura Bracken

29 Sep 2017

There's another mini-Mack on the way! 

Macklemore has revealed that his wife Tricia is pregnant with their second child. 

He made the announcement on Instagram, in a promo video for his upcoming Gemini tour. 

The clip shows the pair at a gender reveal party with their two year old daughter, Sloane. 

Macklemore said 'Tricia is pregnant and today we are going to find out the gender of our child.'

He cut into a blue and pink frosted cake, and the inside shows up plain white. He then holds up a piece of paper showing that he's adding an extra gig in Seattle, then says 'Tricia really is pregnant, though.'



Seattle... Second time’s the charm. 😉 (and yes, both announcements are true)

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Macklemore's latest album Gemini is out now.