Love Island's Zara Reacts To Adam Moving On With Darylle

Love Island's Zara Reacts To Adam Moving On With Darylle
Laura Bracken
Laura Bracken

2 Jul 2018

We were gifted with one of the most dramatic episodes of Love Island ever last night, but it seems things are just as juicy outside the villa. 

Villa evictee Zara McDermott saw her former partner Adam Collard kiss new islander, Darylle Sargeant.

Zara was shocked to see him move on so quickly, despite the fact he's been with four different girls since he entered the villa. That's a new partner every week. 

'I've been mugged off so bad. Here we go again. Rosie part two.' 

Zara appeared on Love Island: Aftersun with Caroline Flack last night, and she had a lot to say on the matter.

Despite her feeling 'mugged off' she seemed to understand why he did it. 'It's difficult because I've left so he's still in the game so I kinda expected that he was going to crack on with someone else.'

But will she wait for him? 

'I'd love to see him again because of like the connection we had. How that will go in the future, I don't know.' 

Love Island continues on 3e tonight at 9pm. 

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