Love Island's Wes And Megan Shared A Bed Last Night

Love Island's Wes And Megan Shared A Bed Last Night

27 Jun 2018

We got the biggest shock of the season so far when Wes dumped Laura for Megan on last night's Love Island. 

At the start of the evening Megan was coupled with Eyal while Wes was With Laura, all seemingly happy with their pairings.

Out of nowhere, for viewers and Eyal, Megan decided that there was something missing for her in their relationship and she pied him off.

A villa challenge later saw her choose Wes to kiss. Wes then kissed her back and everyone including Laura knew something was going on.

A couple of hours later, and just a few days after admitting her was "falling for her", Wes brutally dumped Laura.

If that wasn't bad enough, new footage has just been uploaded to the Love Island app showing that his behavior didn't get any more considerate as the night went on. 

While Laura was crying to Sam and Dani on the balcony and the rest of the Islanders we're getting ready for bed Wes strolled through the bedroom with Megan. 

"Alright folks" is all they got before Wes and Megan got in to bed in the garden for a night of kissing, leaving both Eyal and Laura alone.

Not on Wes & Megan...

The end of the clip showed Caroline Flack entering the villa to announce that one couple would be leaving. 

Love Island continues tonight on 3e at 9pm.

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