Love Island's Rosie Found Watching Her Scenes With Adam 'Upsetting'

Love Island's Rosie Found Watching Her Scenes With Adam 'Upsetting'
Laura Bracken
Laura Bracken

31 Aug 2018

Former Love Island contestant Rosie Williams has been speaking out about her time in the villa. 

One of the most heartbreaking moments from the whole series was seeing Adam and Rosie call time on their relationship, and Adam explaining that he has feelings for Zara McDermott. 

Rosie was in Dublin last night for the launch of Iconic Bronze tan in the Ivy Garden Hotel and she revealed that she found watching back those scenes "upsetting." 

Speaking to Spin1038, Rosie admitted that she watched some clips so she would get an understanding about what the public saw, but revealed that it was tough. 

"I just thought it was better for me to have knowledge on what everyone had seen and what they hadn't seen.

"So, yeah I have watched it and it was actually upsetting to watch. The one episode where I had confronted him [Adam] the second time when Zara came in, I had to keep pausing it cause I was actually feeling the way I did in there." 

When it comes to keeping a cool head, Rosie is keen on that approach. 

Rosie added "I'm not really a girl that deals with things by screaming, shouting and swearing. That's not really my style. I just try and take some time to digest the situation and then think of what I actually want to say and how I want to deal with it. When you deal with something initially after it happens you're never gonna deal with it the right way." 

Hear Rosie's full interview with Sarina Bellissimo on Plan B tomorrow from 1pm.