Love Island's Alex Defends The Way He Treated Alexandra

Love Island's Alex Defends The Way He Treated Alexandra
Laura Bracken
Laura Bracken

30 Jul 2018

On last night's episode, Alex George and Alexandra Cane were booted from the island after they received the least number of votes.

Towards the end of his journey on Love Island, Alex wasn't as popular with viewers as he was in the beginning, with many criticising his behaviour towards Alexandra. 

Not only did he dump her to get with new Laura, when things didn't work out, he gave things another try and then called it off just after their final date. 

Alex was given a chance to explain himself on Aftersun last night, with Caroline Flack. 

'When there's a lot of pressure and things move too quickly, I panic and run away. My mechanism of doing that is saying there are too many girls and I'll get together with them. Really I just felt so much pressure. I really felt at the recoupling that I had made a mistake and I should give things a second chance.'

Things may have not worked out between Alex and Alexandra, however, she has no regrets about giving him a second chance. 

'I am quite a forgiving person and had I left the villa straight away and not believed in it, I would have regretted it because everyone deserves a second chance to try again.'

The Love Island final airs tonight on 3e from 9pm. 

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