Love Island Spoilers: Two Islanders Have Their Eye On The Same Man

Love Island Spoilers: Two Islanders Have Their Eye On The Same Man
Laura Bracken
Laura Bracken

18 Jul 2018

Following last night's explosive episode of Love Island, plenty of couples are still up in the air. 

If you can't wait until 9pm tonight, we've a sneak peek at tonight's episode. 








Laura's sad about Jack 

Jack called it off with Laura last night, and she's pretty down in the dumps about it. Dani is there to comfort her. 

Dani tells her 'I think it's a blessing in disguise.' 

Laura says, 'I know I’ll be fine but I still fancy him. Obviously we’re not perfect for each other, we’re not that alike but over the years I’ve just given people the benefit of the doubt and I do try. I just feel it’s difficult not to think it’s a kick in the teeth. Now I’m going to have to watch him pursue these girls.'

Whilst new Jack tells Wes and Josh, 'I just had to tell her how I felt, I can’t deny how I feel.'

In the Beach Hut, new Jack says: 'It is upsetting… I feel a slight relief.' Old  Laura says: 'Another one bites the dust.'

Alexandra and Laura both have their eye on Paul 

The pair are chatting after their relationships have dwindled.

 Alexandra says of her situation with Alex, 'I just had such a weird feeling all day yesterday so I spoke to him and said ‘I like you’ and he said he just wanted to keep things open and wanted to get to know the new girls, in particular new Laura. For me, that says to me you’re not really that interested. I’m not going to force somebody to like me. At the same time, I just don’t want to be an option. As lovely as he is, I just thought, I don’t need to be sat here feeling sorry for myself because someone isn’t interested.'

Old Laura says of her and new Jack’s situation, 'Let’s just have no regrets and have fun. We can stick together and it’ll be fine.'

Later, Paul and old Laura are getting to know each other by the pool.

In the Beach Hut, Laura says, 'I feel like there is so much to talk about with Paul. I could sit there all day and chat to him. He is really interesting. He is a lot more like me that Jack was.'

New Jack and Alex are grafting 

Now he is single, new Jack decides to have a chat with new Laura.

He tells her: 'I haven’t ended it with Laura for me to be able to stick it on you and Steph. I wanted to see what might be. You are fit.'

In the Beach Hut, new Jack says: 'It’s crazy because I’ve never really gone for blonde girls. It’s weird. Clearly I’ve got a thing for girls who are blonde and called Laura...'

Later in the day, Alex pulls her aside for a chat and they discuss her being the object of his, new Jack’s and Sam’s affections.

Later, Stephanie asks to speak to new Jack.

New Jack tells her: 'For me, I just want to get to know you all… There is no question that you’re very attractive. This place is so crazy. A day is a week in here.'

Alex and new Jack realise that they are both keen on progressing with the new girls.

There is competition between the boys in the villa – who will get the girl?

Jack's pretty in there, as he kisses new Laura. 

Love Island continues on 3e tonight from 9pm. 

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