Love Island Spoilers: Laura Demands Answers From Jack

Love Island Spoilers: Laura Demands Answers From Jack
Laura Bracken
Laura Bracken

11 Jul 2018

Last night's Love Island left viewers raging at Idris, and tonight we'll see the repercussions of his actions. 

While on a date with Laura, he told her that he saw Jack and Georgia's kiss and said that Jack went in for a kiss. Prior to this date, Laura and Jack had made up. 

When Laura gets home from the date, she demands answers from Jack and it looks like things are about to erupt. 

Laura confronts Jack

Laura tells new Jack she needs to speak to him. They go to sit on the swing seat.

Laura says: “We spent the whole time talking about you, to be honest. Basically he said to me ‘do you believe in Jack? Just to let you know from the outside, this whole date thing with Georgia and this kiss, it did happen and it was more a mutual kiss.’ He knows you’ve not said that.” New Jack tells her: “It’s so textbook.”

Laura says: “I just don’t want to look like a mug.”

New Jack says: “The facts are, I ended up kissing her on the lips, I have never denied that. But me wanting to kiss her on the lips – it’s different. He can say what he wants to say but inevitably he’s just trying to get with you. He’s looked at me and you and he’s trying to mess it up.”

Meanwhile, Idris tells some of the other boys that in his opinion, new Jack went in for the kiss.

While, Kieran says: “Jack was shying away from it.”

In the Beach Hut, Laura says: “Jack has never changed his story… Jack thinks that Idris has got a bit of a game plan.”

New Jack goes to speak to Idris: “With Laura I’ve been squashing it, trying to progress with it and then you’ve come in here and you’ve started chatting rubbish, you’ve tried to break up a couple and you’ve got a game plan.”

Idris says: “Who said that?”

New Jack tells him: “That’s how it comes across. It’s not cool.”

Idris has caused yet more drama between Laura and new Jack. But who will Laura believe?

New girl Alexandra enters the villa 

Alexandra enters the villa and she asks Dr Alex on a date. 

Alex gets a text: “Alex, Alexandra would like to have brunch with you. Please get ready and head straight to the Hideaway. #NewGirlInTown #DoctorOnCall”

In the Beach Hut, Alex says: “I am so excited. I did not expect that text at all. There is a new girl here and I am going to have brunch with her. I am absolutely chuffed, it’s a great feeling.”

On their date, Alex and Alexandra get to know each other.

They talk about their shared love of dancing, with Alex asking if she has seen his twerking.

Alexandra says: “You had me in fits of laughter… Your twerking was pretty magnificent. It made me want to have a competition with you one day.”

On why she chose to have a date with Alex, Alexandra says: “I feel like people haven’t really given you a chance and I wanted to give myself the opportunity to get to know you. You seem so respectful and you seem like such a gentleman and that is really what I’m looking for. My mum loves you, she was like ‘go for the Doctor!’”

Alexandra also asks new Jack on a date and Laura is FUMING. 

Megan & Wes are getting serious 

Megan and Wes are talking about catching feelings.

Wes says: “I am really, really starting to catch feelings for you. I don’t like saying it because it’s a vulnerability and I’ve said it to people in the past.”

Megan says: “You know I like you, it’s just hard for me to express how I feel. I act like I’m not bothered about things but I am. With you it’s different and I’ve never had this. I want to find someone I can leave with and have a future with, it’s just really hard saying it.”

Love Island continues on 3e tonight from 9:30. (It could be a little later due to the World Cup) 

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