Love Island 2018: Day 8 Recap

Love Island 2018: Day 8 Recap
Rachael Ryan
Rachael Ryan

12 Jun 2018

It was another explosive Love Island episode last night, here is your one stop recap of Day 8 in the Villa!

There was huge expectation for Alex in last night's episode, after Meghan picked him to go on a date with after entering the house however it soon became clear she was more into Eyal after kissing him on their first date. Alex had felt the date went well, only to be told by Eyal that he had snogged her first.

Many fans on Twitter feel like Alex is too good for the girls in the house. 

The islanders played a saucy game of 'Dare' later that evening. Eyal lobbed the gob on Meghan again, even though his dare was to just suck her finger. 

It was not all bad news for Alex though, who's dare was to cover himself in honey while Meghan and the other girls licked it off him. Sure he was only delighted with himself.

The islanders got their first chance to send a couple into the 'Hideaway' for a night away from the group- they chose Wes and Laura who were coupled up at the beginning and have been glued to each other since. They headed off for a romantic night together. 

The episode was left on a cliff hanger though-  in a teaser for tonight's episode Rosie seems to be less than pleased with her other half Adam. 

The clip showed Rosie storming up to Adam and asking, "Did something happen today that you wanna tell me about?"

A stunned Adam replied, "What are you talking about?"

Rosie then demanded that Adam reveal all to the villa. 

Naturally the internet exploded with everyone wondering what Adam could have possible done.One person having their say was Vicky Pattison and she is not a fan!

Perhaps she really liked Kendall or maybe she's not too pleased with Adam lying about appearing on Geordie Shore

Either way, Vicky is one person we wouldn't want as an enemy...

What's Adam's secret?!? Love Island continues tonight on 3e from 9pm.