Love Island 2018: Day 4 Recap

Love Island 2018: Day 4 Recap
Laura Bracken
Laura Bracken

8 Jun 2018

Last night's episode had us like...

confused parks and recreation GIF

The episode kicked off with two dates, and they couldn't have been more different. 

First, Niall was paired with Georgia and they went for a nice meal, complete with candles and champers. 

The pair seemed to really hit it off. They discovered that they both love chicken dippers, roast dinners and both admitted aren't big fans of the gym. They sealed the date with a kiss and some hand holding. 

On the other table was Alex and Rosie. The pair seemed to hit it it off, however, there was no kiss and Rosie later admitted to the girls that she only likes Alex as a friend. 

We're devo about that tbh.

Things between Eyal and Hayley have gone from bad to worse. They're bickering and admitted that they don't think they're compatible. One way ticket to re-coupling is it? 

As for Adam, it seems he has a wandering eye. He fancies Rosie and she fancies him. The pair kissed during a game of Truth or Dare and Kendall was less than impressed. Adam also admitted that he feels like he wants to re-couple. 

Not all love is lost though! After being in the friendzone for about 24 hours, Jack has emerged from it and he and Dani are giving things another go! 

In a teaser for tonight's episode, it shows Adam and Rosie having another smooch so it seems Adam and Kendall may be no more.

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