Love Island 2018 Finale Spoilers

Love Island 2018 Finale Spoilers
Hannah O'Connell
Hannah O'Connell

30 Jul 2018

The time has come. After 8 weeks Love Island will come to it's final, dramatic conclusion tonight!

There's just four couples remaining inside the villa. Megan & Wes, Laura & Paul, Jack & Dani and Kaz & Josh.

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Let's have a look at what tonight's episode has in store...


The Islanders reflect on making the final.


“No matter what happens I already feel like I’ve won just being in the final with the couples that I’ve got around me, the friends that I’ve got around me, and meeting Paul’s just like the cherry on top of the cake.”


“I didn’t even realise how much this would mean to me until I got here. This has been the best Summer ever. This has been the best experience ever. And I’ve met the best girl ever. It’s just been one bundle of the best.”


“I just sell stationery. Loads of pens, any type you want. And I’m actually in the Love Island 2018 final. What?”

Time to prepare for the Summer Ball with a salsa class.

Megan is worried:

“I’ve finally got a boyfriend who fancies me, if there’s anything I don’t want to do in front of him, it’s attempt to dance.”

Dani is less than impressed by Jack’s efforts on the dance floor:

“Jack…not the strongest of dancers bless him. I just think he struggles to pick his feet up. Everything just sinks to the ground and he just moves a little bit like a dad.”

The girls go dress shopping. 

Following the salsa dancing, the girls are whisked out of the villa to try on ball dresses:

“Girls, it’s now time to go dress shopping. Please get ready to leave the villa #yassqueen #sayyastothedress

The Islanders read their declarations of love to their partners.


“Wes I’ve never felt this way about someone before. I love waking up to you every single day and I can’t help but fall more and more in love with you. You love me for me and that’s a really special feeling. The moment you told me you loved me on the terrace was the highlight of my time on Love Island.”


“It’s been amazing to see you grow as a person, I’m so excited to see what our future holds. What I can definitely promise you is that I’m madly in love with you and I’m falling even deeper every day.”


“Jack, when I first entered the villa eight weeks ago, I never imagined that in a million years I would have met someone as special as you. From our first date together on the beach, to our trip in a hot air balloon, we have already made so many special memories, and I can’t wait for even more. I have had the Summer of my life in here and I owe so much of that to you Jack.”


“You are everything that I’ve ever wanted in a girl. Getting to know you and fall in love with you has been one of the most wonderful things to ever happen in my life. Firstly, you are an absolute sort. You are so caring and selfless, you have such a beautiful smile…when I see you happy, it makes me feel a way that I’ve never felt about someone before.”


“Paul, I just want to start by saying thank you for being you. Having been in the villa since day one, it’s fair to say I’ve had an emotional ride in here. Finally it felt like someone for me had walked through the door and after being given the chance to get to know you, I truly fancy you more and more each day.”


Walking through the villa doors, I was intrigued to find out who Laura really is. I look at you and know I’m only touching the surface and yet to discover an endless list of incredible things about you.”


“Josh let me start by saying I wouldn’t have had my Love Island experience any other way. I’m so grateful that you took a risk and took me back into the villa. I hope I’ve proved to you that it has all been worth it. You’ve become my best friend as well as my boyfriend.”


“Everytime you walk down the stairs into the bedroom at night, my eyes nearly fall out of my head. You carry yourself with so much class and grace.”

The Love Island finale airs live at 9pm tonight on 3e. 

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